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Some may say “it is more desirable to be burgled than to suffer a fire”. The reason for this is that thieves will take your belongings while leaving your home largely in tact but a fire can destroy your home in Hull. Certainly fires have their uses and indeed they demonstrate the ability of man to utilise technology. Nevertheless fire is a force that can be very destructive. When a fire starts, if you don’t act with haste, not only can lose your property, but your life too. This highlights the necessity of having a fire alarm in Hull installed in your property.


Everybody knows that a fire alarm’s design ensures that people are alerted to a potential fire within their property. Certainly smoke alarms have their uses, however the recommendation is to select a specified kind of alarm which is suited to your property. The reason for this is that specific alarms are more suitable for specific types of property and indeed specific types of people. So what does the market have to offer?


1. Smoke alarms: This type of alarm is the most common. Frequently the terms “fire alarm” and “fire alarm” are use interchangeably. A smoke alarm will not detect fire, it will only detect the smoke created by a fire. There is a saying “where there is smoke there is fire” and this is the same basis that smoke alarms work on. Two kinds of smoke alarms exist:


a) Photoelectric – these types “see” smoke and specifically responds to fires that smoulder or emit large volumes of smoke. These alarms are effective for fires where foam or PVC is burning. This type of alarm has higher costs than an ionisation alarm. The alarm should also be cleaned frequently because it can be triggered by insects and dust.


b) Ionisation – These alarms detect combustion particles not visible to the human eye. The don’t “see” smoke like a photoelectric alarm, they “feel” it. These alarms are more suited to burning, smokeless fires. Nevertheless these types of alarms should not be installed in kitchens as they, too, can be set off accidentally. They generally cost less than photoelectric designs but they do have an element of radioactivity.


Fire alarms in Hull are just as vital as security systems, the ensure your family’s safety in your own home.

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